Monday, July 28, 2014

Sale Love

i must admit, i love sale! i think i bought 70% of my wardrobe during sale, especially zara sale.
years ago i bought whatever i liked and that didn't punish my wallet, nowadays i think i understand who i am and what suits me. before i buy something i consider if it fits the style i have and that i try to embrace. 

there is this one question i always ask myself before i buy anything on sale. 'would i pay the full price for this item?' if i wouldn't i leave it right there at the shop! 

why buy something i wouldn't even consider for a few euros more? i guess this just shows i don't really like the piece and it's just the price tag that attracts me. 
i only want to buy things that have the potential to become a favorite! i want to love what i wear, i don't just want to buy for the sake of making bargains and having tons of clothes. 

but these zara heels are just perfect! they suit almost everything and are really comfortable. they're real leather and i scored them for 39,90 euro (original price was 89,90 Euro). i left the shop with a huge smile on my face!

the bag is from mango and was on sale too. i got it for my birthday and love it! next to an olive colored shopper this is one of my two not black bags. i just have a weakness for black bags!

certainly i have some other sale finds and i guess you'll see the one or the other item on this blog the next time!

what are your sale finds? do you love sale time as much as i do?


  1. amazing shoes! so amazing you found them on sale too!

    christie |

  2. dream shoes! so wonderful :)

    x Maria
    New outfit post up on my blog

  3. I love me a good white pair of shoes, so cute!

  4. love the shoes! they look comfortable and easy to walk in

  5. Omg ! Those boots are perfect.

    xo, Mary

  6. I love Zara sale too! :) Those shoes are perfect!


  7. These booties are absolutely perfect *_*


  8. I've been seeing these shoes everywhere must be in for Fall I've have to try them on next time I go to Zara because I can picture this outfit with boyfriend jeans you know the tomboy look ?


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