Saturday, July 26, 2014

Barbara Schwarzer Fashion Show

yesterday i was invited to the barbara schwarzer fashion show in düsseldorf. as i live and work in this city of corse i knew her and her work as she is quite known here. 

i love her feminine hallmark, the flattering fabrics and subtle colors. she understands how to make a woman stand out without obtruding, make her look mature and gentle. 
this collection was quite casual as she is is known for her gorgeous evening wear which came little short in this collection.

i think this woman is a big deal for düsseldorfs fashion world and so it was just the perfect choice to let her open this weekends 'platform fashion' event which accompanies the fashion fair 'the gallery'. 

the 1957 born designer lives and works in düsseldorf/germany. 

she founded her label in 1997 which has 3 underlines called 'augustat', 'angie' and 'barbara schwarzer'. last one is the highest-grossing and known all over the world. 

her style is characterized by classic elegance. she doesn't follow each new trend and focuses on her own understanding of a chic and timeless elegance.

this weekend is packed with fashion shows and i'm quite happy to be a part of this event. i'll keep you updated and show you what my fashion city düsseldorf has to offer! thumbs up for german fashion!



  1. Wow you lucky girl, her clothing is absolutely gorgeous, I bet it was a lot of fun!

  2. lovely blog :)

  3. I love her all white looks!
    xoxo Kennedy
    Northern Indigo

  4. Love the subtle colors, very feminine and classy.


  5. Wow this looks like an amazing collection and she looks so stylish and chic!

  6. Sieht nach einer wirklich tollen Kollektion aus, kenne dieses Label gar nicht. Muss ich mir mal ansehen (:

    LG, Karo


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