Friday, January 24, 2014

The Head Thing

as i‘m not a huge beanie fan, this one is a style which is not 100% me...well, it actualy just doesn‘t feel like it is me. my main problem with beanies, or hats in general is that they distroy my hair. it is impossible to wear a beanie and afterwards look well put together, at least not when you have fine, thin hair as me. 
it takes ages to get some volume in my golden fringes, but just one minute to destroy it. i do look like a fool all day, which made me come to the conclusion to rather freeze. 
and on the other hand, while wearing it can look quite stupid with my thin, broken length, tangling and fading into nothing. 
but this year i took the plunge, i bought a beanie. and yes, i wore it! ok, not that often yet, but who knows. the older i get the more i appreciate comfortable clothing, and being warm in winter is definetly a big thing. and as fashion is getting practical more and more every season, i think its a good time to start with it. 
so, maybe you‘ll see me more often with a headgear - or not. i didn‘t make up my mind yet.

jeans, jeans shirt, coat, beanie, shades - h&m
boots, bag - zara

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