Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Boots

feels like i was searching forever. at least, i think i did, and to be honest, i still do. well, no. thats not true. i found them, but they‘re not my budget right now. oh how i hate it...
when i went to my all time life saver zara (when it comes to fashion emergencies), to check some of their beautifull booties they have in store this season, i came across this boots. i already saw them online, but paid no attention. i was there for other shoes. but they just popped my eye and wouldn‘t let me go. and as i wasn‘t pleased with the quality  of the shiny ones, i decided to get these. at least.

when it comes to shoes i‘ m very problem is i always fall for the designer high fashion shoes, and then i‘m not satisfied with something else, but still can‘t afford the luxury one.
i didn‘t buy any shoes last winter (except my nike free runs) cause i could‘t find any i liked. and this year i was searching the web like a crazy one, searching every shop in each city i came across. i started talking about shoes, dreaming about shoes. i wanted these acne boots. so bad. i had a concrete vision in my head, and a price limit set at 180 euro. 
i was so happy when i found these asos boots that just look exactly like the acne ones (see here how similar they are), and counted the days until it would arrive. but when i tried them on, my little bubble burst. they were sooooo small and tight, at least 3 sizes to small. and as i‘m a tall girl with big feet, i had to send them back and say goodbye. 

for now i‘m quite satisfied with my zara boots, though i already bought another pair at zaras on sale, which became my everyday shoe at the moment. quite funny...i was looking for boots quite like this for almost 2 years. and now when i have them i never wear them. can anyone understand thsi? i think its a womens thing - isnt‘t it?

(as i planned this post in december the boots are on sale now...if you hurry up you can get them on sale)


  1. This is such classic pair of boots, looks great hun!

  2. I love this boots!!


  3. its not always easy too find what you want. but these booties are nice!


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