Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Sensual Classic

and again one of those outfits i would like to wear. It's a simple yet very sensual (look at that bra!) office look. 
Just imagine how absolute gorgeous you could look like this in a bar, after work, on a date. forgetting the stress during the day, still smelling the heavy perfume that has developed this total different scent during the day, just more "you". the bra appears every now and then a little when you reach for your glass and your nails match the wine.
as you can see, i gave my fancy full scope. i love to do that while i compose outfits, imagine a scenario in which i would love to look like that.
as you can see, i'm a weirdo when it comes to fashion (well, not just on that, but more on that later...maybe^^).


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