Friday, January 31, 2014


Did anyone wonder what to save for this spring/summer? the new shoe trend this year are ...tadadada...mules!
yes, mules. they made their way back all from the 90's and look super chic and fresh. and who could be better to proove that than the queen of perfect effortless style elin kling? she rocked the new trend on fashion week last summer and since then these pictures of her and her perfect céline mules were featured on different style blogs and magazines.
ok, let's be honest, this is maybe not the comfiest trend and there are far more practical shoes out there. but for me it's one of the freshest and most exciting releases. and they look way more practical than the 90's versions. you remember those you had to hold with your toes to not loose them?
so now we just have to hope for a budget one, cause for now there are only alexander wangs, sergio rossis and célines out there, and not all of us have a 500 and up budget for shoes.
so zara, our favourite copycat number one, come on! this trend is made for you!


  1. I'm pretty sure there can be found some awesome copies since it's rather old trend (as they all are :D) but it does look cool :)



  2. Ich bin leider kein all zu großer Fan von der Form... Gefällt mir rigendwie nicht :D
    Liebste Grüße

  3. i would break my feet in these shoes, but it would be worth it

  4. Da tuen einem die Füße ja beim hinsehen schon weh. Schön sind sie aber!

  5. love these ! Though, I think most of them would be quite uncomfy... :D but oh well. at least they look pretty !

    xoxo Maria


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