Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Red Nail

aren‘t we all a sucker for red nails? come on, we all do love this nail style, it‘s just as classic as a red lip and can go with everything. 
sure, we all do have our favourite shades and  we all wear it different. but what‘s for sure is that this is a classic. you can‘t go wrong with it - never. 
it‘s never too polished nether too casual. you can dress up or down. do a natural look or all smokey eyes with matching red lips. 
i‘ve never been a fan of the bright red nail, don‘t know why, but i‘m attracted to the darker shades with a pinkish or plumish shade. and every year around december/january it draws me back to this staple and proved style. all summer i‘m quite true to my essie nude mademoiselle, but as it gets darker outside, my nails go darker too.
there are so many shades, budget or luxery, theres a shade for everyone. and i think every woman should at least own one perfect red nailpolish. 
but ladies, don‘t forget the base coat - nobody wants yellow nails (yiekkh).  

which is your favourite? any tips for me?

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