Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Real and Steal: Alexander Wang Dasha Boots

images via Victoria Törnegren, Alexander Wang and Choies

I have a crush on these Alexander Wang Dasha booties since i saw them for the first time, and some days ago i saw they're on SALE. but they're still FAR out of my budget right now, though i would really love to own this beautifull pair of shoes.
today i saw the gorgeous victoria törnegren rockin these babes in her blogpost. i was quite sure she's wearing the A.Wangs, but then when i checked on her shirt i saw her shoes are from choies.

so choies did it again, they seem to have the just EXACT same shoe in store. when i had a closer look at the choies picture i recognized they just took the A.Wang picture and photoshoped the labels name on the inside sole and the reflection beneath.
well, i think thats quite presuming. i do want to see the product i want to purchase, and not just an image of the product it was inspired by. though they seem to look great, as we can see on victoria törnegrens outfit picture.

ok, here are some facts:
the Alexander Wang Dasha boots are on sale right now. the old price was 685 $ (~533 €), the sale price is 432 $ (~336 €), which is a quite big reduction. they're available here

the choies price is 109,99 € and according to choies 100% real leather. available here


  1. i want this shoes! now! the fake ones would be enough for me (;


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