Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Green Jacket

pictures taken by denise siepe

bought this 'jacket' some weeks ago in sale at zara. i love the silky and flattery fabric and the perfect cut of it. you can wear it in summer as a light jacket with a top, it's not thicker than a silkblouse, and fits perfectly in my bag when it gets too warm.

i always thought that green was not my color, but this shade somehow suits me, my haitr and my skin. 

the pants once were quite tight at my thights, but after loosing almost 20 kg of weight i thought i have to throw them. but i actually like the new fit of it, it's a great and easy look for summer.

all in all i like this slouchy and easy look in summer. when your hair is wavy and tangled, the make-up light and the outfits uncomplicated.

well, i think thats a way, not only fashion is going the next years. simplicity, in all areas. simplicity in thinking, being and acting. being uncomplicated and not too concerned about everything and everyone. taking a step back from the urge of being perfect and recollect on oneself and the beauty in genuineness.
you can see that trend already in fashion, as the birkenstock hype is the best exsample^^

what do you guys think? is it going to be something that has a potential to change us and our environment?

i think i'm going to write something about that in one of my next posts, how i experience it and what i have observed. i think it's worth an extra post :)

jacket & shirt & bag & sandals - zara, pants - primark, belt & bracelet - h&m, watch - casio, ring - sixx


  1. perfect look! love the bag and the jacket. am curious about ur blogpost on simplicity! interesting topic i think

  2. Lovely outfit :)

    x Eline -

  3. Loving the army style jacket!

    x karen


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