Tuesday, July 23, 2013


today i first tried my graphic tablet which i bought last summer and never really worked with. now during photoshop course i gave it a second chance, and badaboom - i looove it!

this illustrations each took me about half an hour to 45 minutes and are quite good for my "first" try. i have to say, i've learned a lot in 12 days of photoshop course. sure, it's far from perfect, but i think it's good enough to share it with you guys. 

if you want to comment, please be so kind and keep in mind that it was my first try today and i'll need way more practice^^


  1. I love your illustrations! I want to see more of that on this blog! I'll come back! Lorni (from Greece)

  2. wow, really nice! For the first time is amazing. You have a potencial. Sure I want to see more of those on your blog! Great job.

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  4. u have talent! where can i get the shoes? or did u design them? the colorcombination is so great!


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