Monday, July 22, 2013

Health: Coconut Water

heat wave alert! summer will hit germany with it's full intensity this week and we have to be prepared. one of the most important things during this time is to keep our bodies hydrated. drinking enough water is really important, and unsweetened tea is a good option as well.

but there are other drinks that are ideal to hydrate the body, plus they have some great health benefits that your normal water can't offer.

today i'm talking about coconut water. it's derived from young coconuts, before the liquid develops into the flesh of the coconut. it's taste may be irritating for those who expect the coconut taste we all now from the creamy coconut milk, but it's very refreshing and tasty.

here are the major health benefits:

drinking coconut water can replenish the fluids in your body, and it provides essential nutrients that are not available in regular water.
in fact, coconut water can be a better option compared to popular sports drinks, because it helps to restore the electrolytes in the body without the added sugar and chemicals that are found in sports drinks.

boosts metabolism

coconut water is naturally fat free and low in calories and it also boosts your metabolism. these benefits make it a great supplement to use during weight loss and it may help you get rid of those pesky pounds when it is combined with other healthy habits.

lowers blood pressure
coconut water has a low amount of sodium and a high amount of potassium, which is the perfect combination to reduce blood pressure levels. in addition to drinking coconut water, you should also eat other natural, whole foods for maximum health benefits.

prevents diseases

coconut water has anti-viral properties and drinking it on a regular basis helps to fight off infections and illness.
in fact, some health specialists have suggested that coconut water helps to boost the immune system in addition to treating any current health condition, which means that it can prevent future illnesses.

removes toxins
toxins build up in our body every day as a result of normal body processes and the environment that we live in.
drinking coconut water can help the body to get rid of those toxins quickly and efficiently.

so all in all, coconut water is a great thing! it amazing for your health and great for your skin. it helps to clear it up by boosting your immune system and fighting the toxins.

the best source is a fresh cocnut which you just have to cut open or make a hole into. if you can't get your hands on a green coconut, most of the supermarkets have coconut water in store. most of them are organic, which is very important to me. make sure there is only one ingredient on the list: coconut water. some have added sugars or fruits, if you like it, be aware that the amount of calories is way larger, and you should count it as sweets, like chocolate or other limonades. 

for my german friends who don't know where to get coconut water: alnatura has it in store (at DM e.g.), and at most REWE you can get it, right where the fresh milk is.

have you ever tried it? whats your favourite summer drink? does it have any health benefits?

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  1. i never tried coconut water, but i think i give it a try when i see all this health benefits


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