Saturday, July 20, 2013

Trend Alert: Stripes




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sure, stripes aren't new, not to me and not to you. they come back every spring and dominate our waredrobe. but this year they are hot hot hot! before it was the classic striped shirt, the coco style, that was found in every fashionable waredrobe as a basic. but now they are everywhere. you'll find them on any kind of pants, shorts, skirts, dresses, shirts and jackets. the classic blue or black and white stripe combo still dominates, but you can find them in any kind of color combination this summer. why not go for an blue-green striped silk blouse?
pants with longitudinal stripes are a big deal this summer. they apeared last summer in form of skinny jeans with black and white stripes (e.g. mango) and were sold out in a second. this summer you find them in any form, like marlene, flaired or shorts. 

the stripes took the plunge from the maritime look into the big fashion world. sure, you can still wear them in a classy maritime coco look, but why not trying something new? just experiment, now is the time for that^^ mix a striped shirt with leo or floral prints, break a maritime look with a heavy leather jacket and boots. your imagination sets the limits!

what are your favourite striped looks or outfits? 

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  1. I've ALWAYS loved stripes, for a while I thought I have TOO many striped items!Gotta love them anyways :)


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