Thursday, July 10, 2014

Coffee Love

i simply love coffee! i wouldn't call it an addiction, i don't need it to wake up in the morning, but i love to enjoy it. i'm not a huge latte macchiato or cappuccino fan, though i like them from time to time. 
i love simple, good quality coffee, especially when hand brewed. when in town starbucks is my got to when i crave coffee,  their coffee is quite strong and quality is stable.
at home i brew my coffee with a cone coffee filter and my all time favorite coffee 'african blue' by tchibo. it's strong and mild at the same time,the most perfect coffee i know!

whats you favorite coffee and where do you enjoy it?


  1. Oh ja! Kaffee liebe ich auch, am liebsten Caffe Latte mit 2 Stück Zucker (:
    Ich liebe deine Tasche, kann mich an der gar nicht satt sehen!

    LG, Jennifer

  2. coffee is my first love! second is that celine bag :))


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