Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentines Day

i always loved this image! and this goes out to all my single ladies out there!
as a longtime single i have to say i can be alone with myself, i complete me. i learned it the hard way (btw, is there any other way to learn sth? if yes, let me know^^).
i think it's really important, you gotta be comfortable with yourself, then others will be comfortable with you as well.
don't settle with someone that doesn't deserve you, make sure you get the appreciation and attention you deserve. make sure your man treats you right, and if not - say good-bye! life's too short to be stuck with the wrong man.


  1. it is really nice moto! you have to know your self and to solve your issues!if someone doesn't rush things sth good comes along!

  2. Nice photo! Happy Valentine's Day for you and yourself ;)
    I follow you via gfc, would you follow me back? Kisses <3

  3. You said it right, first alone feel good then everything else can come.

    Love, Ilana

  4. Also ich feier lieber mit meinem Schatz und einem Strauss Rosen als alleine!

  5. hope you had a great, with you, yourself and you (-;

  6. Haha, so nice.
    Well spoken!

    Xx Jules

  7. I hope you spent a lovely Valentine's day !!

  8. nice image, very clean. and there is some truth in what you say


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