Sunday, February 16, 2014

Marble Marble

another thing the 90s revival brought back: marble. 
yes, marble. absolutely trendy in the 90s and absolute kitsch a long time afterwards. 
funny how something that was such a big no-go for years can appear so fresh and sophisticated. 

and since there are people like Joyce from MyDubio we all can diy that great trend so easily at home. so grap some marble foil and give that old flower pot a mare-over!

(images via Pinterest)


  1. marble is cool, but not too much of it! the notebook looks cool

  2. Ich mag keinen Mamor, aber die Bilder sind cool.

    LG, Lisa

  3. i love the shoes!

  4. Geilo, wäre ja wie für dich gemacht! S/W-Kombi! Geil zusammengestellt!


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