Sunday, December 01, 2013



(taken by DoreDani)

so i guess i'm back! took a while to get me back on track, but here i am. 
time flies like an arrow, and so blogging had to step back for a while. even reading blogs, a thing i spent hours and  hours a day with, came short. 
and to be honest, i just needed a break. a break from thinking too much about blogging, too much about how i can present myself and what people would like to read. 
i had to take a step back and think about what i want to do. what i want to blog, not just what others seem to like. 

i love fashion, it's my biggest passion, it has always been. to make it my job was my biggest dream and i did it. 
this blogging thing is supposed to be fun, my way of letting go. 
when you work in fashion most of the time you have to think what your client or customer wants. it's not about your own way of style and aesthetic, you have to think outside the box. thats the job, and thats one of the things i love about it!

but this here is supposed to be MY little box. i don't wanna think about others people opinion, if they might like it or not. this is MY project. i'm the boss, i say if it's good or not!

sure, don't get me wrong, i love to hear what you people think! and constructive criticism is always welcomed, but please don't except me to be someone i'm not. if my blog, my style, my ideas are boring for you - no problem! i don't like everything either. 

but now, i'm happy that i'm back and i look forward to all the things that might happen - or not!^^

happy first advent and official start of the christmas season!

coat, blazer, shirt - h&m
pants, shoes, bag - zara


  1. This was really inspiring to know you've found that "voice" of yours! The fun part in blogging is exactly what you said - it's your space for your thoughts and ideas! I'm glad to hear that from you <3



  2. Missed you here, glad to have you back!
    Sometimes its good to take a break and sort things out, as long as you know what you want afterwards.
    That outfit is really cool, reminds me of an editor in chief or a big boss in media or fashion. So girl, dress for success (:

    xo, Georgia

    xo, Georgia

  3. cool outfit, look like a boss :-) love the shades, suit you!

  4. Schönstes Türchen zum ersten Advent das man sich wünschen kann! Finally back - AMEN!


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