Saturday, October 05, 2013

Recipe: Pumpkin Coconut Soup

yep, i'm still alive! sorry for my long absence, i was so busy. i know, bad excuse - but true.
i hope the busy time is over now and i'll get back to posting regularly.

i neglected my recipe post the last months, but here i have a new one for you guys! i love this recipe, it's so delicious and easy to cook. you don't need much and i think a soup during this cold days is a nice thing.
i normally feel like lacking something after eating soup, i feel like i need something 'real' to eat. so you can say that i'm not a soup kind of person.
but this one is different, so it's even for non soupies like me^^ just give it a try, you could also use it as an appetizer or a between meal. i love pumpkins and for me it was the perfect start into this years pumpkin season.

let me know if you tried it and feel free to save the recipe on your computer for your personal use!


  1. Yum! This looks so delicious! Have a wonderful weekend doll!

  2. Yummeeeeh! Muss ich dringend mal ausprobieren!

  3. Nice Blog :)

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    Just let me know and I will make sure to follow ya back

  4. It looks so delicious! I have to try it! :)

  5. looks good :p


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