Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Iced Tea

this is one of my favourite drinks during summer: iced tea! 
i drink it in every conceivable variation. my personal favourite is nettle tea, but turkish apple is great too. 
i skip the sweetener, as i'm not a fan of sweet drinks. 
of corse you can use any kind of fruit you like instead or with the lemon. frozen berries are great, but you can be very creative here. i love to put in one or two slices cucumber. but if you want to try that, be aware that the cucumber gives a lot of taste and would not fit to some kind of teas. btw, cucumber with lemon tastes great in still water! this makes you even want to eat more fresh sald and veggies, so just give it a try.

the picture is another drawing i did in photoshop. again i used a photography i found on pinterest.

whats your favourite summer drink?


  1. Sieht sehr erfrischend aus. Eine gute Idee, Gurkenscheiben reinzutun.
    Lieben Gruß, Cla

  2. Vielen lieben Dank für deinen Besuch, deine lieben Kommentare und für's folgen!

    Ich folge dir dir auch bloglovin'

    Bis bald XO

  3. I love iced tea too! Especially flavored tea... passion fruit is my favorite!
    Following you now on GFC & Bloglovin.
    Keep in touch!


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