Monday, August 05, 2013

Hello Monday!

just want to wish you a great, amazing and productive start into this new week.

as most of the peoples' week starts with monday, mine starts with sunday...i think it's just a matter of attitude. my week starts with a free day, a day where i can rest and be thankfull for the past week and the coming one. as a christian i like to give god the first day of my week, and not the last one.

so as i said, it's a matter of attitude.

 this morning i did a painting in photoshop, which is a new kind of addiction somehow. i do paint for a few years now in my free time and learned fashion illustrating in fashion school, but this whole photoshop painting thing is new to me. i LOVE it!
i want to use my blog as a platform to show you my little 'artworks', even when they're not fashion related. i'm glad about every kind of feedback. be honest! but please be kind!^^

Lion of Juda
this is it. i took a photography as model and painted it in photoshop cs6. i named it lion of juda.


  1. Ich wollte auch schon mit dem Photoshop experimentieren, hat aber leider an Zeit gefehlt. Dein Lion ist gut geworden.
    LG Cla


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