Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sun Protection

sun protection is a big thing in summer. it's important to prevent cancer and skin aging, and of corse painful sunburns. 
people with sensitive skin or acne know how hard it is to find the right sun protection for the face. i've tested lots of different lotions over the years and always broke out heavily, which is not a great thing during summer. but as i have pale sensitive skin it's vital to at least use a spf 30 during summer. 
so i did some research again and found this amazing water resistance lotion from avène. and as i love love love their eau de thermal i thought i'll give it a try. it's for acne prone skin and what can i say? it's amazing! 
it doesn't leave you with a white or greasy face, causes no breakouts and protects your face from sun caused damages. it's even possible to apply it under foundation, which makes it my summer super hero!

if you have sensitive skin and usually break out from sun protection this is your product! i'm really happy and for the first time i can enjoy the sun without having a tomato or crumble cake face. and the best,  it's much cheaper than most of the others out there! you'll find it in pharmacies and on the internet.

this is not a sponsored post! i simply share a product that absolutely convinced me.

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