Thursday, July 24, 2014

Life Saver

this little gadget is a life, actually not my life. my phones life. 
it's a power bank, a recharger for your battery. you simply connect it with your computer and charge it, and depending on the capacity it charges your phone. 

who of us doesn't know the situation. you are out somewhere, you're battery is dying and you have no charger. 
as we all are quite dependent or even addicted to our phones and all the comfort it gives, this can be a big dilemma. so what to do? go on cold turkey? 
no need for that when you have this power bank in your bag. it's not much bigger than a lipstick and fits in every bag. it comes in different colors, shapes and capacities. 

mine has enough power for a full battery with 300 mhz. i bought it on ebay for a few euros and guarantees a full battery whenever i need it. since i have it i take it with me wherever i go!

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