Saturday, March 08, 2014

Bye Bye Winter Coats

as winter is officially over now, i start to enjoy the thought of spring coming, actually it's just around the corner. 
but seeing this ladies with their gorgeous coats something deep inside of me screams 'snnooow'! we had no snow over here and the temperatures barely even dropped under 0°C this winter. 
but i guess there is enough  time to wear all these beautiful coats next winter!
so let's all say goodbye to the woolen ones and pass over to over beloved trenchcoats and leatherjackets and embrace the sunny weather!

(images via pinterest)


  1. This is such stunning coat inspiration!

  2. i just fell head over heals for victoria beckhams coat, the color is so perfect!

  3. I love all these coats they are so beautiful :) Check my blog and let's follow each other if you want ;)
    thank you and let me know


  4. I could wear pretty much all of these, they look so good :) lovely post !

    xoxo Maria


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