Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Fashion Menue is online!

finally the day has come - the first post of The Fashion Menue is online!

i welcome you all and hope to see you here as a constant reader. feel free to leave comments and share you're thoughts and opinions. i want this to be an interactive blog where we can communicate. i promise to try to answer every question or request!

so, what to expect from this blog?
i have awsome healthy and easy recipes for you in store! i'll give you an insight of how enjoyable a healthy lifestyle is and welcome you on my journey of loosing weight and getting fit.
you will see outfit pictures of me and how i enjoy fashion and interpret it. i'll give you tips and tricks how to style trends, where to buy them and whats new in fashion.
I'll try to keep it short and simple and let pictures speak to you. 

who am i?
i'm melanie, 27 year old fashion designer from duesseldorf, germany.
i graduated in october 2012 from fashion school and am still looking for my place in the fashion world. so any joboffers in fashion are warmly welcomed! i love fashion, i always did! as a young child i already started mixing and matching my own clothing, regardless of what anybody else would say. in middle school i was harassed by schoolmates because of my love for fashion and how always interpreted new trends. i just couldn't accept that fashion should be just for size zero girls from metropoles like paris or new york.

i think i've come to a point in my life where i know who i am and what suits me. 
i love simplicity and minimalism, in fashion and in life
i don't like things too complicated or overloaded
i just can't warm my heart for lace, bling bling or cute little flowers. 
got a huge crush on black, white, gold and leather.
i love simple styles with a twist. classic with an edgy touch, laid back coolnes with a hint of lady. 
i'm a dominant person and so is my appearance. i'm a leader by heart, love to take over and take responsibility. i love teaming up with creative people that are open minded and ready for trying new things.
i would love to travel the world, meet interesting people and learn new things.
i always struggled with weight problems, i wasn't really overweight, but i've always been taller than most of the other girls and so i always looked 'bigger' than the others. i've never been comfortable with my body, but never had the strength and courage to really change something. 
when i was 20 years old a really serious acne threw me off the track and i started to run from doc to doc. nothing helped and so i started to lock myself away and hide at home. acne was literally eating up my face. i have a very sensitive skin and always tended to scar tissue. the acne was leaving big wholes in my face and was getting worse and worse. 
my skin still recovers from this disease, but my skin status is far from 'acne'. 

so, i'm not perfect, i don't want to be! i had to learn the hard way that there are more important things in life than beauty and being liked by other people for what i look like or seem to be or have.
i've often been rejected as being ugly, fat, strange dressed or whatsoever. still learning to not give a f*** and do my thing. i see this blog as a form of self therapy, revealing myself the way i am.

in 2012 i had lots of stress and gained over 10kg of weight. by the end of the year i was so unhappy with my outward appearance that i decided to change something. i started to get informed about food and health. i read about the 'Clean Eating' movement and decided to try it. so i started to cut out things like sugar, carbohydrates and processed food of my diet and added tons of veggies
since january i'm eating 'clean' on a daily basis, trying not to have any cheat meals at all.
my goal is getting fit and being healthy, and loosing the so much hated fat on my hips. 
so far i lost 17kg, but tend to not weigh myself too often. i rather see the changes on my body and in my old clothes. 
i recently started running and doing some squats, crunches and push ups and planning to hit the gym and sign up.

i'm on a strict budget at the moment cause i didn't find a job yet. but somehow i always seem to manage to get my hands on the clothes i want to. okay, designerclothings are out of my reach at the moment, but i still try to find  fashionable clothing that suit me. so my best friends are h&m, zara, mango and asos at the moment.

i see this blog as my chance to get my thoughts out there. fashion is not only my job, i live and love it!

 i'm always glad about comments and responses. i want to know what you think, what your opinion is and what you have to say. i'm happy about every kind word and motivation!

thats all so far! hope to see you all coming back for more!



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  1. Dann bin ich mal gespannt was noch von dir kommen wird! Interessante Mischung! Ich komm wieder!


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